QDRH-3000 Intelligent Lubrication System


Pneumatic lubrication system:
Use compressed air control quantitative lubricant feeder, it could supply the lubricant quantitative and timing according to the requirement, it is suitable for continuous casting machine, coal mining plant and other high temperature explosion and other special occasions.
The equipment adopt SIEMENS S7-300 ( 300) series programmable controller as the main control part for lubricating equipment, intelligent control to provide the most appropriate solutions, and linkage with host computer for real-time monitoring, the lubrication status is easy to learn; lubricant supplying is directly affected by the control of the PLC, the lubricant amount and cycle time can be controlled automatically, and can easily be adjusted; The flow sensor monitor each lubrication point operation status, such as fault alarm in time and accurately notice the fault point, which is convenient for the operator to maintenance and repair. The operator remote adjustment the lubricant supplying parameters through the touch screen according to main equipment lubrication requirements, in order to adapt to the different requirements of lubrication points. The system runs stably and reliably meanwhile the amount of lubricant is convenient adjustment, fault point easy to search so that to reduce the maintenance jobs and save the labor intensity, avoid environmental pollution and lubricant waste, even to prolong the service life of equipment and improve integrated beneficial result.