YQRH-3000 Intelligent Oil-air Lubrication


       Oil-air lubrication is to mix the solely delivered lubricating liquid and compressed air and deliver the turbulent oil & air aggregate traffics to lubricating point. To be specific, solenoid valve quantitatively supply lubricating oil, then the oil mixes with compressed air in the oil and gas mix block. Finally the oil is delivered to each lubrication point.                                                                                                
1. Good for the environment. Environment around will not be polluted because there is no oil fog.
2. Precision metrology: oil and air both can be calculated precisely and delivered to each lubrication point according to different needs. The system is very ecomomic.
3. This system will not be effected by oil viscosity. Any flowing oil can be delivered. The problem that high-viscosity is difficult to atomize does not exist here. Because there is no need to atomize.
4. The working condition of the system can be monitored easily.
5. The system is very suitable for antifriction bearing, especially for heavy duty mill roll neck bearing. Good air-cooling function can lower the bearing’s operative temperature, thus the bearing can be used longer.
6. Oil-consumption is only 1/10-1/20 of fat consumption.