DCB Series Electromagnetic Pump Lubrication System



Electromagnetic pump constructed by electromagnetic valve, pressure oil plunger device, one-way valve device, filling device and the outlet devices. Working principle is divided into pumping stroke and grease suction stroke. Within the pumping stroke, the electromagnetic valve get power to drive the grease pressure plunger working, then inlet closed, one-way valve plant opened, pressure grease through the grease outlet discharged; In the oil absorption trip, the electromagnetic valve of electricity and the reset spring of grease pressure plunger device acted the plunger reset, meanwhile, one-way valve device closure, inlet opened and refilled the grease.



Electromagnetic pump system consists of grease tank, control system, mounting bracket, pipes, stop valve filter, electromagnetic pump and grease collector and other parts. Tank loaded with the electromagnetic pump need grease, add the amount of grease to be based on the amount of timing. Formed with the stop valve filter and piping connected to the grease tank and build up the circuit of the electromagnetic pump. Control system to control the movement of the electromagnetic pump and low grease level alarm. Responsible for the collector system operation or the grease dripping maintenance so that to keep the site cleans. All the above items are to be installed to the mounting bracket, the mounting frame near require lubrication device and fixed on the ground, then through a pipe connected directly to the lubrication point. This is the electromagnetic pump lubrication system working principle.